Measuring adult learners’ competences in the African Region

20 April 2012

The multi-country research project on measuring literacy programme participants’ learning outcomes (RAMAA) will assess the competences of beneficiaries of adult literacy programmes in Burkina Faso, Mali, Morocco, Niger and Senegal. The learners’ competences will be assessed against a set of competences derived from the actual uses of literacy in each country’s context, a competence profile of learners as defined by literacy programmes, and a reflection on the kinds of competences that any citizen regarded as ‘literate’ in these countries needs to have in order to pursue autonomously his or her individual development and to contribute positively to society. The project is currently preparing its pilot field research.

In the fourth international workshop of RAMAA the pilot field research phase was discussed. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Africa (BREDA) and hosted by UIL from 18 to 20 April 2012. It was attended by the five country teams, experts from OECD, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the University of Liège, Belgium. 

Further information on RAMAA.