Measuring learning outcomes: technical support in the adjustment of RAMAA measuring tools in Senegal

7 August 2013

From 29 July to 7 August 2013 a workshop to review items was held at the Centre National de Ressources Éducationnelles (CNRE) in Senegal with scientific support provided by Giselle Boisvert, an education specialist commissioned by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).

This workshop was attended by members of the national team for action research measuring learning outcomes of adult literacy programmes (RAMAA) and other participants from the directorate of literacy, the faculty of educational and training sciences, and civil society. In the context of South-South cooperation, members of the national teams of Mali and Niger were also present.

With the participation of staff from other structures in this exercise, the goal was to take advantage of this moment of exchange with the specialist to build all parties’ capacities.

RAMAA’s objectives and the methodology used to develop items were reviewed. The competency framework, the different levels and areas of acquisition, and the evaluation and weighting criteria also gave rise to fruitful exchanges. The workshop received a very positive assessment from the participants.