UNESCO’s Effective Literacy and Numeracy Practices Database

LitBase, UNESCO’s Effective Literacy and Numeracy Practices Database, offers more than 200 comprehensive case studies on effective youth and adult literacy programmes from more than 70 countries. Many of the educational programmes featured on LitBase focus on developing literacy and numeracy. LitBase was created in response to the demand for examples of effectively designed and executed programmes to serve as models for the development of new and improvement of existing literacy initiatives. It also fulfils a demand for collecting and disseminating information on effective or promising literacy programmes for youth and adults. Moreover, the case studies are an important source of information for researchers and policymakers alike, helping the former to identify current trends and challenges in the fields of literacy and numeracy, and the latter to promote literacy and basic skills as the foundation of lifelong learning.

All case studies on LitBase are available in English and French, with new case studies added on an ongoing basis. The LitBase team is currently working on making the case studies available in other UN languages, too.

LitBase related Publications

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