UIL lnternship Programme

UIL’s internships offer students a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge about literacy, non-formal education, adult learning and lifelong learning policies and systems. They also enable students to develop valuable insights into the workings of an international organization. Internships are available in the following programmes and units:

  • Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies
  • Literacy and Basic Skills
  • Adult Learning and Education
  • Library
  • Public Relations and Publications

The UIL Internship Programme has collaborative arrangements with the following institutions and programmes:

  • European Master’s in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management (MA LLL), Aarhus University
  • International Educational Development Program, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, and International Literacy Institute, University of Pennsylvania
  • Certificate Intercultural Competence, University of Hamburg

Who can apply for an internship at UIL?

Students must be enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate degree programme in a university or equivalent institution at the time of application. Applicants pursuing their studies in a country where higher education is not divided into undergraduate and graduate stages must have completed at least three years of a full-time degree programme at a university or equivalent institution. Applicants should be undertaking studies in areas related to UIL's fields of competence.


UIL accepts applications on a rolling basis. The duration of internships ranges from three months for voluntary internships to a maximum of six months for mandatory internships.

Additional requirements

Languages: Written and spoken proficiency in at least one of UIL's working languages (English and French) is essential. A working knowledge of the other language would be an asset.

Computer skills: Applicants must be able to use computer systems, email and MS Office.

How to apply for an internship

Please send the following documentation (preferably in PDF format) to :

  1. A full CV in English or French. We invite you to use the Europass CV template, available at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions. Your CV should include:
  2. A copy of your university’s study regulations (for mandatory internships only)
  3. A cover letter in English or French that includes your reasons for applying for an internship at UIL and the period of time you wish to spend at UIL. Please pay special attention to those aspects of your qualifications, studies and work and voluntary experience that are relevant to the content and purpose of UIL’s mission and activities.

Under normal circumstances, UIL will inform you of the outcome of your application within six weeks of receipt. We ask you to appreciate that UIL cannot accept all internship applications. Selection depends primarily on matching applicants’ profiles and preferences with current activities and demands, but also on the working space.