CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme 2017: Adult Learning and Education and the SDGs

19 January 2018

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) hosted six government officials and representatives of civil society organizations in the field of adult learning and education (ALE) in November 2017 through its CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme. The fellows came from five different francophone countries: Algeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Senegal and Togo. With support from Mr Paul Bélanger (formerly Director of UIL, professor at the University of Québec in Montréal and President of the International Council of Adult Education), they drafted national strategies with the aim of operationalizing the Belém Framework for Action (BFA) and the 2015 Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education (RALE) in their respective countries. They also situated their work within the Education 2030 Framework for Action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Together with external experts, UIL develops a rich programme for visiting fellows in order to maximize their one-month stay in Hamburg, Germany, where the Institute is located. The CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme comprises introductory presentations and workshops, peer exchanges and self-directed research. Upon their return to their respective countries, the fellows are expected to further develop interministerial and intersectoral working relations for national consultation on adult learning and education, which will be needed for the validation of the strategies they developed. This year’s fellows were:


Mr Hassène Slimani (Algeria)

→ Stratégie nationale d’alphabétisation de 2ème génération

→ Second generation of the National Literacy Strategy


Mr Pacifique Tuone Kakuru (Democratic Republic of the Congo)            

→ Alphabétisation fonctionnelle de base qui intègre le vocabulaire du métier

→ Functional basic literacy integrating vocational components 


Ms Maguy Durce (Haiti)

→ Augmenter l’offre et la qualité de la formation professionnelle en Haïti

→ Increasing the provision and quality of vocational training in Haiti


Mr Préville Cazy (Haiti)  

→ Une stratégie départementale d’apprentissage tout au long de la vie et d'éducation des Adultes (AEA) cohérente avec le Cadre d’action de Belém

→ A departmental strategy for lifelong learning and adult education consistent with the Belém Framework for Action (BFA)


Mr Likerba Litaaba-Kagnita (Togo)

→ Projet d’apprentissage de la langue française à partir des acquis de la langue maternelle (PROJET ALFA)

→ Project on French-language education on the basis of prior mother-tongue learning (ALFA PROJECT)


Mr Mor Diakhate (Senegal)        

→ Faire ensemble pour mieux investir dans l’apprentissage et l’éducation des adultes

→ Collaborative mechanisms for increased investment in ALE

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