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Workshop on Developing a LIFE Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

30 septembre 2008

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is planning to establish an effective monitoring and evaluation strategy for LIFE to monitor its progress at international and national levels. LIFE (Literacy Initiative for Empowerment) is a ten-year framework of collaborative action created by UNESCO with 35 countries as a priority target. Through monitoring LIFE, UIL plans to identify and disseminate good practices on literacy from the LIFE countries and promote South-South co-operation with other countries and regions. In this connection, UIL will be organising a Workshop on Developing a LIFE Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy on 9 and 10 July in Hamburg, Germany.

The main objectives of the Workshop are:

  • review of current monitoring and evaluation practices and underlying schemes in LIFE and other countries
  • development of a strategy for monitoring and evaluating LIFE at national and international levels
  • agreement on further steps at country level and at international level

Around 15 experts on evaluation and LIFE focal points from four regions will join this Workshop.

Contact: Ulrike Hanemann or Rika Yorozu