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Literacy and the promotion of citizenship

This publication brings together the main presentations from the meeting on “Literacy and the Promotion of Citizenship: The Challenge of Learning“, which took place in Lyon, France from 2-5 April 2005 and was organized by UIE (now UIL) and its partners, the Agence Nationale de Lutte Contre L’Illettrisme (ANLCI) and the UNESCO French National Commission. It documents the diversity of literacy-related thinking and practice in the region.

This advocacy meeting, attended by policy makers, researchers and practitioners, succeeded in creating a momentum to forge a collective commitment not only to put literacy high on the policy agenda but also to find ways and means of working together across national boundaries.

Author: Carolyn Medel Anonuevo

Publisher: UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, Germany

Year of publication: 2008

No. of pages: 171

Size: 145 x 210 cm

ISBN: 978-92-820-1156-0

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  • Literacy and the promotion of citizenship
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