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CONFINTEA VI Preparation: Benchmarks for Adult Education and Learning

11 juillet 2007

In preparation of the 6th Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) in 2009, a workshop on benchmarks for adult education and learning is organized by UIL in Hamburg from July 11-13, 2007. A core group with participants from all world regions will discuss appropriate strategies and develop a set of draft benchmarks.

In an inclusive process, representatives from all world regions will contribute to the formulation of the benchmarks. This process will be led by the core group, in close contact with the CONFINTEA VI Consultative Group and under the coordination of UIL. Their work will be based on previous and ongoing activities and documents with similar aims in the regions. The process will take into account experiences with a wide range of policy papers but focus on the topics set and commitments made in connection with UNESCO documents such as the Nairobi recommendations on adult education (1976) and the CONFINTEA Agenda for the Future (1997), as well as documents from adult education field such as the European Benchmarks on Education and Training and International Benchmarks on Literacy by Action Aid.

Objectives of the process are:

  • To develop a set of internationally applicable benchmarks for adult learning
  • To support the CONFINTEA VI preparatory processes, in particular the country reporting,
  • To make available convincing instruments to measure progress, advocate and create commitment in adult education and learnin
  • To stimulate international co-operation for achieving concrete objectives in the further development of adult education and learning world-wide.
  • To strengthen the development and application of broad concept of adult education and learning for improved learning practices for a wide range of learners, including especially disadvantaged and marginalized groups

After the initial meeting of the core team, work will be continued through an on-line forum or e-mail correspondence. The core group will meet again in 2008 to finalize the draft benchmarks and to analyze the consultation with the member states.

Contact: Werner Mauch or Laura Maria Rinta

Concept Paper
Provisional List of Participants

Nairobi Recommendation
Action Aid Benchmarks on Literacy