Education for sustainable development

Learning cities promote green and healthy environments, strive to achieve equity and inclusion, and support decent work and entrepreneurship. They are therefore key drivers of local-level sustainability in both urban and rural areas. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) starts at home and grows through learning cities. Increasing the learning cities’ capacity to integrate ESD programmes and perspectives into their planning and decision-making processes is essential.

The video tutorial, How to Integrate ESD at Local Level in Learning Cities, provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why integrate ESD into learning cities?
  • How can ESD be integrated into learning cities?
  • What can learning cities do to promote ESD?


Complementary videos, compiled and developed by members of the UNESCO GNLC, provide further insights into real examples of good practice in cities across the world.

Remember: building a learning city is a collective and continuous journey. It requires a concrete action plan with strong political leadership and steadfast commitment; structured dialogue and consensus involving all stakeholders; diverse celebratory events charged with enthusiasm and inspiration; easy accessibility and measures to guarantee an enjoyable experience for all citizens; effective monitoring and evaluation of progress; and available and sustainable funding. More information can be found in our Guidelines for Building Learning Cities and accompanying video tutorials.