Final conference of the Transatlantic Lifelong Learning for All (TRALL)

6 January 2014

More than 100 participants from 20 universities and Higher Education Institutions (15 from Latin America and 5 from Europe) took part in the final conference of the Transatlantic Lifelong Learning for All”  (TRALL) project, hosted by the Catholic University of Temuco in Chile on 5-6 November 2013. TRALL is funded by ALFA III, the European Union programme for cooperation between Universities and Higher Education Institutions in the European Union and Latin America.

An important outcome of the conference was the Declaration launching the TRALLNET, an online platform to promote and strengthen continuing education.

Over the three years of the TRALL project, with workshops conducted in several Latin American countries, TRALL has sought to strengthen the role of HEIs in offering lifelong learning opportunities that respond to social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of society, involving stakeholders in the design of lifelong learning curricula; and using tools and strategies that allow for the recognition, validation and accreditation of non-formal and informal learning.