UIL and ASPBAE partnership for young people from low educational backgrounds


10 June 2015

UIL’s engagement with lifelong learning for young people from low educational backgrounds is moving from desk research to youth-led research. UIL is partnering with the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) to develop insights into the context, educational needs and aspirations of young marginalized women in Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor-Leste. This project also includes capacity building for young women and men to help them play leadership roles in community education and development.

At the NGO Forum during the recent World Education Forum 2015, Ms Carol Doyanan gave an inspiring speech about her experiences as a new teacher and advocate of education for indigenous people in the Philippines. Her story and the stories of other youth she mentioned in her speech are featured in Youth Driving Community Education: Testimonies from Asia and the Pacific (PDF PDF 2,91 MB), which was published by UIL and ASPBAE last year.

The Incheon Declaration, which was adopted at the World Education Forum 2015, makes a commitment towards ‘ensuring that all youth and adults, especially girls and women, achieve relevant and recognized functional literacy and numeracy proficiency levels and acquire life skills, and that they are provided with adult learning, education and training opportunities’. Governments, civil society and development agencies should now respond to this commitment. The voices of young women and research results will inform policy and practice debates on creating education and training opportunities that meet young women’s aspirations and needs.

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