Call for applications and nominations for the 2021 edition of UNESCO International Literacy Prizes

4 May 2021

UNESCO has opened its call for applications and encourages all champions in the field of literacy learning to apply for the prestigious UNESCO International Literacy Prizes. This is also a call for nomination entities to be ready to engage and nominate their favorite candidates from around the world.

Like every year, UNESCO rewards six individuals or organizations for their outstanding projects that promote literacy learning. This year the projects and programmes are requested to reflect the theme ‘Inclusive distance and digital literacy learning’.

The theme highlights innovative practices that literacy promoters have been initiating as a way to ensuring the continuity of literacy learning during the COVID-19 crisis. By finding solutions for continuing literacy learning for even the most vulnerable populations has made a difference during a critical time, where face-to-face teaching and learning is restricted. In line with the UNESCO Strategy for Youth and Adult Literacy, the focus is, but not limited to, literacy learning in a lifelong learning perspective. Throughout the pandemic, distance learning has shown many faces and been supported by high-, low- and no tech solutions as well as hybrid learning that combined face-to-face learning.

The laureates will be celebrated on International Literacy Day, on 8 September.

Since 1967, the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes have rewarded excellence and innovation in the field of literacy. Over 500 projects and programmes around the world have already received recognition and support for their excellent work.

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