Scholars for better lifelong learning policies

Lifelong learning plays an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets of the Education 2030 Framework for Action. The policy scholarship provides concrete support to Member States seeking to implement lifelong learning policies and strategies integrating literacy, adult and non-formal education. Through an intense one-month programme, it develops the capacities of key stakeholders, such as senior government officials and leading civil society representatives, in designing, reviewing and implementing strategies to enable the provision of quality lifelong learning opportunities.

What is the objective?

By offering policy scholarships UIL aims to enhance the development and implementation of lifelong learning strategies in UNESCO Member States. In particular, we aim to

  • build capacities in lifelong learning, especially in developing and least-developed countries;
  • improve advocacy for lifelong and adult education;
  • support policy analysis and policy formulation;
  • reinforce cooperation at country level and worldwide;

Until 2019, the policy scholarship was known as UIL’s CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme (2011–2017). Through the CONFTINTEA Fellowship Programme, UIL has awarded fellowships to 38 government officials and civil society representatives, from 32 countries. UIL continues to support the implementation of their lifelong and adult learning strategies after completion of the programme.

How to apply