Areas of work

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development represents an opportunity not only to position lifelong learning as the overarching concept for education policies and systems, but also to leverage its potential in the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UIL’s activities in the areas of policy support, capacity development, research and foresight, monitoring, and advocacy and networking have been developed as a means of achieving the SDGs, in general, and SDG 4, in particular.

Policy support

UIL works in tandem with ministries and local and regional stakeholders. We offer advice on lifelong learning policy development and implementation strategies, working from the ground up to develop technical support that can make a difference in a given country context.

Capacity development

UIL develops collaborative policy and action research, workshops, courses and other resources. We help to build the capacities of those who make policies and design programmes in the field.

Research and foresight

UIL publishes research, global and regional reports, policy papers and forward-looking studies in the areas of its mandate. We conduct research, and compile and disseminate new insights and recommendations.


UIL monitors progress against global goals and recommendations. We reveal the state of play in adult learning and education, and support Member States in monitoring learning outcomes and developing evaluation and assessment tools.

Advocacy and networking

UIL promotes lifelong learning as the leading educational paradigm for inclusive and sustainable learning societies. We actively seek dialogue at the national, regional and global level, and support civil society and non-governmental organizations in petitioning for positive change.